I am sooo sad... I started to cry a few minutes before this blog.

No one ask me what is wrong with me.  

No one pays attention to me. Samantha
Samantha thinks that I am treating her like my daughter. BUT IM NOT!!!!!! Just because I am rolling my eyes doesn't mean I'm about to go beserk. I AM SICK OF THIS! TOTALLY, FULLY, UP-TO-THE-BRIM SICK OF IT!!!!

I have to settle this problem. I love my life. But I am sick of people flat out getting stuff wrong about me. I am trying not to cry, 'cause it blurs the keyboard, but it's just to dang hard!!!

I know no one reads this blog, but I am willing to pour this out. Well, I am going to have a hard sleep tonight, so I should stop. I guess I know who my real friends are, and who gets me sick of this stuff. 

Signing off sad


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