Haunted House...

I was walking towards the haunted house with my wig in one hand and candy in the other. I gulped and slowly walk forward to the old house. I was the only one who was on that side of the road. I was now at that front door step. I told myself,"Mel, you have to do this." I knocked on the door, and no one answered. I turned back and started to walk away, but then I heard this voice say, "Want some candy, my dear?" I started to say no when I was struck from behind. Everything went black, and I felt to the sidewalk.

I woke up in a strange room. It was covered in tile, and i could see a cloudy reflection of me. I walked toward a bigger tile. I still had my costume on and my wig was still in my hand. I felt the back of my head, and there was a bump. A BIg bump. What did they hit me with, a steal bat? I was wondering when the room went dark. One big reflection burst up in the corner. It was an old, wrinkly, smiling lady. I am officially creeped out!!!

The old lady started to talk. "Why Melanie Anne Smith! I haven't seen you since you were born!" She knew me when I was born?!?!?!!?

More will be added soon!!!