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Samantha ignored me in the morning. I was talking to chocolate chip, and I watched her go and hug someone else and still no hi for me. The day before she had money and wanted change, and so naturally we went to the lunch room and there was four of us, and she said to me and another person to wait outside. In the end she got ants in her food, so I was semi-glad. I also was in the girls bathroom and she was there, and she was telling a story, so I let her finish, and she STILL said nothing. Do you imagine how irritating that was for me? And today after she ignored me, we stood up, and I went to go stand up by my friends. I THINK she was going to stand there, but she didn't say anything. I still don't know. Well, she or I haven't called each other. Too bad. 

P.S. After the standing up thing, she got beans spilled on herself. I said that's what you get for ignoring me in the morning. She said she talked to me. AT THE END!!! 
12/18/2009 08:45:04 am

SIDE NOTE: My dog of 17-18 years old died the date of the blog. R.I.P Girlie


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