Almost 2010 how exciting! Here are my ten favorite things that happened to me last year.

1. Got this website!(duh)
2. Got my Ipod.
3. Painted my room.
4. I got to see my B.F.F.L Zoey (
5. I got SOO many new colors of nail polish.
6. I cut my hair.
7. I have resolved all most ALL of my fights!(yay me!)
8. I am in a few other websites.
9. My birthday party!
10. I got to see Sandra again! :D
 What is your top ten favorite things for 2009
OOOH. I wish. Sugar just told me that she is sick and tired of maintaining the website by herself. Then she told me she hates it when a few of the members go, "I really disagree with what you are posting up." It's like, okay, if YOU don't like it, POST UP SOMETHING IN ITS PLACE!" Sugar and I are tight, ya 'know. Pick up the slack, slackers! I know it is none of my business but, hey, Sugar is like a sister to me!:)
Merry Christmas!! 

Late, I know, but, hey, no one was paying attetion yesterday! What did you get for Christmas? Or Kwanzaa or Hanakuah? Sorry if I spelled it on... 
SAMANTHA AND MINTY FOREVA!!!!! We are on GREAT terms! I love u samantha! Like a sister! Like a sister!
I am nosy?!?!?!

I just found that out from Samantha. The day before Samantha told me about her friend who cried. The next day, someone cried, and I asked, "Was that the friend?" She said, "Yes." And then when she thought I couldn't hear "Since you are soo nosy, fine." Uh what just happened? I didn't do NOTIN to that friend, and uh, she IS my friend too! I just guessed. I mean she has a lot of other friends who cry. It's not like I am going to tell everyone , "oh, so and so is crying." Which is what she thinks. I Don't lie Samantha if you are reading this. You do say, "Oh how you love to tell everyone everything!" And don't deny that nosy bit. You KNOW you did it.  She could've lied to me about that friend, and said, oh no, that isn't my friend. Or, she could've said nothing! Now appereantly I am annoying, nosy, AND a gossiper. No one heard us. I didn't interfere with anything. I will let Samantha and the friend sort this out by themselves. BTW! Earlier that week, the friend cried, so I saw the friend and went downstairs to see if she was okay. After 5 min, I hand her a tissue and leave. I have this weird maternal instinct that kicks in when someone, ANYONE cries. It's just when other people are around, I smother it. It is very awkward. I also tell people that their is a rumor going around about them, to them. Is that wrong? I hated when rumors were going around me. 

Comment below if you think I am any of those things.

BTW:I purposely didn't answer any of Samantha's calls. >:}
Me and Samantha are awesome now! Yay! Now one less piece of drama to deal with. So yeah, check out the stuff and yeah.